David V. Lu!!
Photo Credit: Dan Lazewatsky

Spring 2011 Robot Theatre Roundup

Death and the Powers, the so-called “Robot Opera” is hitting the stage in the U.S. this month. It just opened up in Boston this weekend and will open in Chicago next month. There’s a great interview with some of the key players done by NPR available here.

My labmate Dan and I have tickets to go see the opera in Chicago, but we lucked out in that there is a second robot theatre production that is currently in production in Chicago. Heddatron uses both human actors and robots to tell the story of a group of robots who kidnap a midwestern housewife and force her to perform in their production of the famous Ibsen play “Hedda Gabbler”. I’ve seen reviews of the show when it was up in NYC, so I am stoked to see it in Chicago.

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