David V. Lu!!
Photo Credit: Dan Lazewatsky

Uri Alon Explains It All

I always enjoy it when different interests in my life collide. Working on Robot Theatre falls into this category, as do sillier things like Star Wars Night at a Cardinals game.

I came across the following talk by Uri Alon. When I first saw it, two things caught my eye. First, the topic is highly relevant to my academic career at the moment. The second things was that the name was familiar. In fact, most of the work being done at my first lab is based on the book that he wrote. Hence, there’s some fun interest collision there.

However, there’s more connections than that. In the talk, he discusses how improv theatre led him to accept failure as part of the process AND he ends his talk with a song about the emotional impact of parts of academic life. If I had a dollar for every time I wanted to break out into song about the trials and tribulations of grad school…

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