David V. Lu!!
Photo Credit: Dan Lazewatsky

Robot Film Festival!

In July, I’ll be headed to the Robot Film Festival, where I have had two films accepted. The first is my video that we recently showed at ICRA’s Robots and Art Workshop. The second is an original movie I made specifically for the Film Festival, entitled Researchin’, which I will post here after it premieres at the festival.

Researchin’ is a short film showing the lives of those who inhabit a robotics research lab. In the current age, universities are among the the few places where people interact with robots on a daily basis. As they work together, the relationship can take on new unexpected dimensions.

RO-MAN: Human-Robot Interactions as Theatre

David V. Lu and William D. Smart. Human-robot interactions as theatre. In RO-MAN 2011, pages 473-478. IEEE, 2011.


RSS: Workshop on HRI

David V. Lu, Annamaria Pileggi, and William D. Smart. Multi-person motion capture dataset for analyzing human interaction. In RSS 2011 Workshop on Human-Robot Interaction, Los Angeles, California, July 2011. RSS.


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