David V. Lu!!
Photo Credit: Dan Lazewatsky

Dance Copters Dance

I had previously posted about the collaboration between Pilobolus and MIT for a piece with quadrotors dancing with a human. I got to see the video of the performance at the ICRA Workshop I attended, and now I’ve found the whole thing online via the CSAIL website.

There was also an impressive performance using quadcopters at the New Directors’ Showcase. (via IEEE)

This performance features a beautiful coordination between robotically controlled light fixtures and the copters. I found the use of mirrors to create more than just a point of light while getting around payload concerns to be particularly inspired. I would have liked to see more interaction between the robots (bending one beam to another, for example), but I’m sure that gets even trickier.

Robot Theatre in the New York Times

Screenshot of NYTimes Article

My research was written up in the Sunday New York Times today! Above (picture 3 in the article) you can see a production we did here a few years ago. Click the screenshot to read the article.

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